Why EPIK to teach English in Korea?

Why EPIK to teach English in Korea?

Korea - a land of opportunity...

There is no doubt that for TEFL newbies as well as more experienced EFL teachers, Korea offers some of the best contracts around at the moment. You can expect:

        * return airfare
        * free accommodation
        * a good salary enabling you to save
        * one year contracts and paid holidays

Demand for teachers in Korea is high and there are also plenty of agencies offering jobs in Korea. But who to trust, and how do you discern a good agency or employer from a bad one?

One way to take the guesswork out of teaching English in Korea is to work for the Korean government via their popular English Programme in Korea (EPIK).

What is EPIK and why teach in Korea through them?

Through the government EPIK scheme you will be teaching English to children in public schools. You can expect the great benefits listed above, but with some added advantages. Firstly, you have the security of working for the government rather than a commercial language school owner. Secondly, the norm with many schools is to work a lot of hours across the day including some evenings and weekends, working for EPIK means your hours are largely confined to the regular school day.  Then there are the longer public holidays, meaning you will have more time to explore the wonders of this beautiful country.

Global English can help you through the EPIK process

There are a few hoops to jump through in order to obtain a coveted EPIK position but we’ve teamed up with two respected agencies, one in the UK and the other US/Asia based,  that knows EPIK inside-out and can help you through the whole process from start to finish, fee-free. 

As EPIK specialists, with experience of teaching English in Korea themselves, they have placed hundreds of teachers onto the EPIK programme and will make the process as smooth and straightforward as possible.

David Slattery says he was overwhelmed by the EPIK process at the beginning but says:

"they made the application process completely stress free. They called me on a number of occasions to talk me through the process step by step and Phil was always a pillar of support, helping me with my documents during application and being at the airport in Incheon when I arrived to welcome me face to face."

So, if you are a native English speaking graduate keen to find out more, email us your CV and we’ll help to get the ball rolling. 

Which TESOL course for EPIK?

The coveted EPIK positions are becoming more competitive. To stand the best chance of success, you will need to have a 20 hour in-class component as part of your TESOL course.  At Global English TESOL, we have just the course. Our combined 120-hour online and in-class TESOL means you can get qualified and gain practical experience right where you are.

What are you waiting for? Your Korea adventure starts here!  


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* More on EPIK and Korea jobs* Our recommended TESOL course for EPIK* What it is like teaching English in Korea 

Email us if you have any questions on our training courses. We have helped hundreds of trainees get their TESOL careers started in Korea.


Evert Buurman

I am a citizen of both South Africa and The Netherlands.
English was one of my major subjects throughout my entire 12 year school career. I also did a one year University English course (English 101) as part of my Law studies.
I hold two law degrees, being BLC and LL.B
I am currently doing the TESOL LEVEL 2 (with Business English) course and hope to obtain my certificate by the end of April 2013.

Louisa Walsh

Sounds promising, Evert. Thanks for posting and hope you are enjoying the TESOL course. I will email you further about your options.

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