TESOL Audit Results Prove Global English Quality

TESOL Audit Results Prove Global English Quality

The Global English TESOL 2019 audit report is in, and it's great news for our staff and students...

The accreditation body, ACTDEC, which is one of the most longstanding in the UK online TESOL industry, has just completed a comprehensive audit of Global English TESOL.

We are really pleased to say that ACTDEC have confirmed validity once again of all our core online TESOL courses, from the 70 hour Level 2 to the most popular 250 hour Level 5. But not only that, they have looked in great depth at the level of service and assistance we give to our trainees. It's been really encouraging to see the auditor’s comments, providing extensive feedback across a 25 page report. The stand out comment summarising the audit, which took place in November/December 2019, states:

"The overall tone of this report is extremely positive as GE’s standards for training provision more than meet those demanded of it by ACTDEC...  Global English has proved themselves to be an organisation that goes above and beyond to ensure that trainees are satisfied with their courses, and their continuous efforts at maintaining and improving the quality of their services is to be commended."

Tutor support

One of the really important area to us, all through the 24 years of TESOL course provision, has been the quality of tuition provided by GE course tutors. The audit reflects this, stating:

"…the academic level ... was very high and Global English benefits from the consistency of quality tutorial provision and support ... one gets the impression that tutors genuinely care about their students, and invariably go above and beyond just answering the student’s question - they provide additional advice, useful links, and solutions to problems."

Of course, if you are studying with GE you will know that your tutors go the extra mile to help, so they also noted that GE tutors excel with regard to the monitoring of student progress and providing feedback:

"….GE has managed to foster excellent relationships between tutors and students. Almost every review comments favourably on one or more of the following:

  • Speed of tutor response
  • Amount and usefulness of tutor guidance
  • Constructive and critical feedback
  • Tutor encouragement/support system"

The auditor also notes how GE keeps courses up to date and sets up meaningful assignments, commenting on GE’s "learning-oriented methodology" and the way in which GE "nurtures their students". 


We are delighted that our commitment to delivering a high standard of professional TESOL training has been officially recognised yet again. Whether you are an existing or prospective Global English TESOL student, we hope you feel reassured that when you choose a GE course, you are in good hands.


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  • Author: William Bradridge
  • Date: 22/01/2020

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TESOL Audit Results Prove Global English Quality