TESOL Audit Results - Global English Gets AAA Rating

TESOL Audit Results - Global English Gets AAA Rating

With some western governments struggling to keep theirs, Global English is proud to announce a triple A rating from the ACTDEC independent audit. The audit, which took place in February 2012, assessed every aspect of the Global English TESOL experience, from pre-course publicity to course content, student management and tutor feedback.

Read on for a summary of quotes direct from the auditor, but for the full report*, download the report from the link at the top of this news article.

Course Process and Progress and Assessment

‘…one gets a sense of an essential harmony of purpose and practice permeating GE courses.’

‘… tutors have tried to make assignments as varied as possible in order to help stimulate and maintain interest.’

Tutor support

‘It isn’t only top performers who trigger a (high) quality of tutor response. A student, following the Cert Ed course: TESOL with TEYL, completely misreads a question in the Module 1 Answer Booklet with the result that the tutor awards no marks for the answer. But before moving on to the next question, the tutor offers to the student thirty six lines of detailed feed-back which includes practical examples of how the question might have been answered.  From other submissions, it is clear that this level and quality of tutor interest and feedback, which assumes the character of an ongoing conversation rather than a series of judgments handed down from “on high”, pervades GE. ‘

Course Structure, Syllabus and Content

‘GE’s course material is thorough, authoritative, well organised and presented in a totally student-oriented manner.’

Progress and Assessment and Course Administration

‘Tutors are at pains to deal with students’ queries and concerns once they have enrolled and throughout their course.’

‘Contact between students and their tutors is on-going and consistently meaningful and purposeful.’

‘GE students can be confident that they are being led and guided by highly qualified, experienced staff.’

Course Evaluation and Quality Assurance

‘Feedback from all students is consistently extremely positive with regard to all aspects of their experiences, but particularly in connection with the quality and scope of their course materials, and with the feedback they receive about assignments or other issues, from their tutors.’

Our Conclusion

We are delighted that our commitment to delivering a high standard of professional TESOL training has been officially recognised. Whether you are an existing or prospective Global English student, we hope you feel reassured that when you choose a Global English course, you are in good hands.

References: ACTDEC

About: ACTDEC audits

* the full report runs to 20 pages and includes appendices submitted by Global English Director of Studies William Bradridge, as part of the formal audit procedure. The attached report includes the 8 page  findings from the independent auditor, minus the appendices.


Carol King

Congratulations, Global English, on receiving such a glowing ACTDEC audit report.

Since starting my first TESOL course with Global English in 2007, the GE website has improved immensely. I am surprised that the audit report didn’t mention the useful addition of the password-protected Student Dashboard with the ability to download course materials, the Submit Coursework tab for completed assignments, and the messaging facility. All of these make communication between students and their tutors easier.

Well done GE!

Louisa Walsh

Thank you for taking the time to read the report and then comment so favourably, Carol!


Well done GE for an excellent report.
I am looking forward to starting my Tesol course in April having successfully completed my Grammar course.


Congratulations! I knew I made the right choice by chosing Global English.


Congratulations GE on the ACTDEC audit results!

Lea Hook

Excellent audit and well deserved !

Well done all !

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TESOL Audit Results - Global English Gets AAA Rating
TESOL Audit Results - Global English Gets AAA Rating